Due to the Coronavirus the Dojo will remain closed until further notice.

With all the pain of our soul, we announce that as of today the Giants Fighters Dojo will remain closed until further notice.

After much reflection, we believe that the most responsible and sensible way to act of us, is to minimize the risks of our players, community and friends. No matter what the risk is, we want to ensure the well-being within the FGC.

You all know how difficult it has been to open this place, and we hope you understand the decision on our part. We will proceed to the return or transfer of the inscriptions as users want. Unfortunately we know that some of you already had the trip to Barcelona paid, and we ask our sincerest apologies that we hope you accept in this situation that is beyond our control.

The fight does not end, during these weeks we will organize content, online tournaments and much more.

We wait for you in the return of the Giants Fighters Dojo, FIGHT!

To process the refund if you bought a day pass for the Dojo or any Dojo tournaments, fill out the following form

Day 13Day 14Day 15DBFZ Tournament (day 14)Day 20Day 21Day 22SFV Tournament (day 21)Day 27Day 28Day 29DBFZ Tournament (day 28)


Bcn Fighters & Vodafone Giants join forces to open a dojo in the center of Barcelona with more than 150m2 dedicated to fighting games.


The Dojo has more than 12 consoles with all the fighting games on the market, stage, commentary table, stream room and chill zone.


With facilities for practice, high speed internet, weekly tournaments, viewing parties, exclusive content & much more.

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Friday March 6 2020, 3 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Friday to Sunday from 3pm to 10:30 pm. On Saturday mornings tournaments will be held, schedules available on the calendar.

Dojo Fares (without tournaments)

1 Day Pass - 7 euros
3 Days Pass - Friday, Saturday (NO tournament included) & Sunday – 15 euros

Tournament Fares

10 euros for tournament


1- Registering for tournaments *does not guarantee you* the entrance to the afternoon freeplays session.

2- To access the premises it is necessary to register previously in the corresponding event. Entrance will not be allowed nor will exceptions be made otherwise.

3- Drink alcoholic beverages or smoke is not allowed inside the Dojo. That includes inside the entire building and outside at the front door.

4- No está permitido comer dentro del Dojo. Eso incluye dentro de todo el edificio. Sí podrás tomar refrescos.

5- All Dojo attendees must bring their own controllers.

6- BCN Fighters is not responsible for the belongings of the attendees. Watch your stuff.

7- Respect the place and keep it clean. It is as simple as throwing the cans you consume in the trash can when you finish them and use the services with civility.

8- Respect the tournament schedule, three calls will be enough to disqualify you if you are not present.

9- All freeplays games are played to FT2. Do not wait for anyone to call your attention and pass the controller.

10- Serious disrespect of any kind will not be tolerated.

11- We reserve the right of admission. Behave well.

12- Animals are not allowed.

The capacity of the Dojo is limited to 64 people.

Trafalgar Street 36, Bajos 1ª, 08010, Barcelona.


R1, R3, R4, R7, R12 – Arc Triomf


L4 – Plaza Urquinaona

L1 – Plaza Urquinaona or Arc Triomf


19, H16, N4 -Plaza Urquinaona