The Giants Fighters Dojo is back in the heart of Barcelona, now bigger, more spectacular and more equipped than ever thanks to Ozone & DRIFT.


The Dojo has more than 200m2, 15 consoles with all the fighting games on the market, a rest area, new setups with the latest features from our partners.


With facilities for practice, high speed internet, weekly tournaments, viewing parties, exclusive content & much more.



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01-02-03 October

08-09-10 October

22-23-24 October

29-30-31 October

Torneos offline en el Dojo | premios para el TOP3

Torneo Melty Blood Type Lumina – Inicio: 16:00CET




Players who reach the top8 and do not have a ticket will be able to enter the freeplays afternoon session for free. 

Those who want to stay to see the TOP8 in the Dojo, will have to purchase a Freeplays ticket for that day.

Do you want to organize a tournament but you don't have a place to do so? Are you looking for a place to meet with your community and spend an unforgettable day?

Friday to Sunday from 3pm to 10:30 pm. On Saturday mornings tournaments will be held, schedules available on the calendar.

One day ticket – 10 euros
Weekend ticket (Saturday and Sunday) – 15 euros
Three-day ticket – 20 euros

Saturday's tournament is NOT included in any of the tickets

If you cannot come to the Dojo, you bought a pass, and you want a refund, you have to notify 48 hours before it is the day you bought.


The use of a mask is mandatory inside the dojo.

You are not allowed to use a controller, headphones or any peripherals that are not yours.

It is mandatory to use the disinfectant gel that you will find in each setup before and after the games.

Registration for tournaments does not guarantee entrance to the afternoon freeplay session.

To access the Dojo is necessary to register yourself on the smash,gg event before coming, you will find the registration on the Dojo calendar. If you don't do the registration through smash.gg you will not be allowed to enter de Dojo, with no exceptions.

The consumption of alcoholic beverages or smoking is not allowed inside the Dojo. That includes the inside of the entire building and the outside of the portal.

Bringing food to the dojo is not allowed. You can bring non-alcoholic drinks.

All Dojo attendees need to bring their own controllers.

BCN Fighters is not responsible for the belongings of the attendees. Watch your stuff.

Respect the place and keep it clean. It is as simple as throwing the cans that you consume in the trash can when you finish them and use the services with civility.

It is forbidden to intentionally hit or damage the facilities.

Respect the tournament schedule, three calls will be enough for your elimination if you are not present.

All freeplay games are played on FT2 / FT3. Do not wait for anyone to call your attention and give up the turn.

Disrespect or aggression of any kind will not be tolerated.

Animals are not permitted.

You cannot enter the dojo with scooters / bicycles or similar.

We reserve the right of admission.

Ignorance of these rules does not exempt from compliance.

If you cannot come to the Dojo, you bought a pass, and you want a refund, you have to notify 48 hours before it is the day you bought.

Due to covid, the current capacity is limited to 32 people.

Pujades 77-79 Street, 2º 6ª, 08005, Barcelona


L4 – Bogatell

L1 – Marina


6, 136, B20, B25 [STOP: Pujades- Àlaba]