The Giants Fighters League (GFL) is an invitational league of Dragon Ball FighterZ with a face-to-face format played in the Elite Gaming Center in Barcelona, in which 16 of the best players in Spain will fight to reach a final stage where they will compete for the title of league champion. The first season will end in mid-July, after which the ascent / descent and final phase will be played.

The league is divided into two groups of 8 players and each player will have 3 matches to FT5. The last 2 players of each group (4 in total) will enter the decent phase. The last player of each group will be eliminated directly, the penultimate player of each group must dispute a confrontation with two of the players struggling to enter the league.

The groups are played in swiss format. This means that not all players will face all the rivals in their group. Every player will play only 3 matches, and his opponent will decide based on whether he has won or lost the previous round. Winners will always play against winners, and losers against losers.

The first four players of each group advance to the final phase, which will be played in a double elimination tournament. The fourth and fifth player of each group will not enter the relegation phase, but they will not access the final top 8.

The last two players of each group will enter the relegation phase. The last player will lose his place in the league, and the penultimate must compete in the relegation phase (read ascent and descent section).

The ascent and descent phase will be played in person in the middle of July (date to be confirmed). The classifieds will have the trip and stay covered by the organization.

The third and fourth ranked rankings must play against the two players who descend (penultimate group) in an FT5 duel. In case of winning, they will ascend to the league in the place of the defeated person. If the person in decline manages to win, he will remain in the GFL.

To qualify for a position within the league you must first qualify for promotion. The only way to enter the ascent phase is to get points of the Dragon Rush ranking, which are obtained through the participation of the circuit Versus Dragon Rush.

The first two players in the ranking will enter directly into the league, the third and fourth classified must fight for the spot in an FT5 match with the penultimate of each group.

Yes. You can come to watch the fighting live at Elite Gaming Barcelona.

Elite Gaming Center Barcelona is located at Calle Sepúlveda 84.
How to get there:
Metro: L1 Rocafort, exit Calabria
Bus: L94, L95 y E95

There will be an economic prize for the top 3 in the league (amount to be confirmed).

n addition the player with the best classification that does not belong to Vodafone Giants (Shanks) will be sent to EVO sponsored by the club to live the experience of the competition as a professional player.

The final of Split 1 of the GFL will be on June 29, 2019 at the Movistar Center in Barcelona. Tickets already on sale with exclusive poster included.

Jugadores Grupo A


El vigilante. The best in Spain. The king of cups. Without a doubt the rival to beat and clear favorite of the league. Can anyone end his reign of terror?

The rookie of the year and the big surprise of 2018, Calbu is already one of the most recognized players on the scene. If there is a tournament there will be Sergio to continue challenging, improving and opting for the first position. The cougar is in the house ... And takes the Hit.

The Murcia has a long journey in the world of fighting, being one of the players to take into account since the Street Fighter 4 stage. Disappeared in the final stretch of 2018 returns to the scene with the desire to give a new knock on the table.

From the depths of Sabadell there is a very angry man. His name is Antonio, and he's not here to make friends. With things clear, a team of gentlemen and a solid and defensive style, Inu always positions himself at the top of the table.

The Mallorquín is the most unknown player in the league. With only one appearance in the Dragon Rush but a lot of online experience, Devilcuco has arrived to put the favorites against the cables.

Without a doubt the public favorite, Galletas has an intermittent participation in the DR and constant comings and goings of the game. This has no middle ground: it could be the big surprise or the big disappointment. We do not know what will happen to the Italian foal but one thing is for sure, it will not leave anyone indifferent.

A parent with a son, a pet, full time work and a huge passion for competition. Is it possible not to encourage this villain? With a (long) life of experience comes to the league with a single message: this is not a child's play.

With a new style of play and a characteristic method of attack, this boy comes to show that his positions have not been coincidence. The bottle aside, the knob with the buttons firmly on, and just like your hair: up.


PJ = Played Games, PG = Won Games, PP = Lost Games, CG = Won Matches, CP = Lost Matches, PV = Lost Characters, PA = Dead Characters, E = Status

✅ = TOP8, ⏸ = They keep their place, 〽 = A descent is played, ⚠ = Descent

Players Grupo B


With years of experience in anime fighters, Thunder's style is crazy and effective in equal parts. If you let him run his game you will pay dearly (unlike him with subscriptions) before you know it. Shanks' greatest rival to date and the player considered number two comes to take the watchman's throne once and for all.

Possibly the player who has attended more tournaments since the departure of DBFZ, Alen is always a horse to bet on. With a stable style of play and a characteristic calm, this gentleman with a good-looking appearance will destroy you at the slightest opportunity.

We are facing the player with the greatest evolution of the entire Spanish scene of DBFZ. The constancy and effort are represented in the Catalan malaguita. In his mind there is only one goal: to be the first to defeat shanks.

Mister Dragon Rush in person. One of the most experienced Spanish players when facing different styles of play and stable competitor of the Catalan scene. It is hard to make a top 5 Spanish players without Cristian, and in this league he will show the reason again.

84 years have passed ... Although it seems a lie we are facing the youngest player in the league. That this older gentleman trapped in the body of a young man does not deceive you: he is one of the most progressive players in southern Spain. Youngsters, time to go to bed. GRANDFATHER has arrived.

Kochi, kochi! Possibly one of the competitors with the best defense in the picture. Cultivated in Valencia where this style of play prevails, Guille is the Majin Buu of Spain. One of the most technical and unique players in the league comes to show us what his chubby is made of.

Your father has gone for tobacco, but has returned to the Giants Fighters League. He started as a low table player, but after changing his team and with a severe training regime (both physical and in the game, look at those TITS) he has become one of the most dangerous rivals in the league. A hit is all it takes to make your life bar disappear, and if not ... it breaks your face.

Have I heard Don Limpio? With years of experience in Marvel vs. Capcom Eric's style is accurate and without gaps: touch and kill. Square and bevel in hand, swagneto only needs to touch you once to make you hate your life. The only Piccolo of the competition comes to teach us that this game is not two players.


PJ = Played Games, PG = Won Games, PP = Lost Games, CG = Won Matches, CP = Lost Matches, PV = Lost Characters, PA = Dead Characters, E = Status

✅ = TOP8, ⏸ = They keep their place, 〽 = A descent is played, ⚠ = Descent

Horarios Grupo A

Past days

First round

CristianRG       [5 VS 3]       Inex  –  VGIA | Shanks     [5  VS  2]     c0ld


Saku       [5 VS 2]      Galletas KWK | Thunder [5 VS 3] TF | Exilions

Devilcuco [5 VS 1] KW | Amelys – REXPECT | Calbu [5 VS 2] Defuse | Inu7

VORTEX | Alen  [5 VS 2]  KWK | Pepinozombie

ROV | Gamba [5 VS 0] ROV | Zakf20

Second round

Saku [0 VS 5] REXPECT | Calbu

KWK | Pepinozombie     [4 VS 5]       Inex  –  Galletas     [0  VS  5]     Defuse | Inu7

ROV | Zakf20     [2 VS 5]       TF | Exilions  –  Inex     [5  VS  0]     TF | Exilions – c0ld     [5  VS  3]     KW | Amelys

VGIA | Shanks     [5 VS 0]       Devilcuco  –  Vortex | Alen     [3  VS  5]    CristianRG  – ROV | Gamba     [4  VS  5]     KWK | Thunder

Galletas     [0 VS 5]       KW | Amelys  –  ROV | Gamba     [5  VS  1]    Vortex | Alen

You can see all the matches in the league on our YouTube playlist: