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Play area, pool, beach, viewing party and much more!

Camisetas disponibles en el evento. Tirada pequeña.


CHECK IN Viernes 05 a la 15H | CHECK OUT Lunes 08 a las 10:30H


The event will take place in the Hotel Don Angel, located in Santa Susanna (Barcelona). It is located 10 minutes from the train station. 

The hotel has a 450 m2 pool. It also has free parking for customers.

Horario piscinas: 10h a 20h


Santa Susanna beach is 150 meters from the hotel, a 5-minute walk. A few games and to the beach.

A 15min andando está la Base Náutica donde se pueden hacer actividades: motos de agua, Kayak, Banana Flying, Paddle surf…


The rooms for the event are double rooms (two people) for the three nights and have breakfast included.

The price will be €200 per person, €400 per room for the 3 days.


We have reserved the largest event room in the hotel, more than 1000 m2 just for you.

It will have a fully dedicated area for freeplays with more than 40 setups, tournaments, activities and of course the broadcast of EVO 2022 on a projector.

*IMPORTANT: you will need to purchase your ticket on our website in order to obtain your EVENT BRACELET. Without this bracelet, you will not have access to the event room.

Free Wifi

Beach 5min walk

Swimming pools

Double rooms

Free Parking

Breakfast included

Freeplays 24H every day

It is a three-day event/meeting held in Catalonia, dedicated to spending a vacation in community while enjoying the broadcast of EVO 2022 among other activities. We will have a freeplay area, swimming pools, activities and a lot of desire to have fun.

The event has a total duration of three days and three nights: August 5 (Friday night included), August 6 (Saturday night included) and August 7 (Sunday night included). It is important to note that the top 8 (and historically the announcements) of the EVO main games are held on Sunday night.

The event will take place at the Hotel Don Angel, located in Santa Susanna (Barcelona). It is located 10 minutes from the train station and the beach is 150 meters away, just a 5-minute walk away. The hotel has a 450 m2 swimming pool, free parking, restaurant and cafeteria.

The main event will take place in the hotel's events room, more than 1,000 m2 just for you. This room will be totally dedicated to the freeplay area with more than 40 setups, stands, tournaments and of course the broadcast of EVO 2022 on a projector.

It is very important to indicate that you will need to purchase your ticket on our website in order to obtain your EVENT BRACELET. Without this bracelet, you will not have access to the event room.

Only ONE type of ticket will go on sale, which includes the following:

  • – Double room (two people) for three nights.
  • – Breakfast for two people on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
  • – Access to all public services of the hotel.
  • – 24 HOURS access bracelet to the event room.

The price per person is 200 euros with everything included, but since it is a double room, the tickets will go on sale at 400 euros, which one of the two must pay when buying. Ideally, you talk to your partner so that one of the two buys the ticket.

Simply in the Notes section that appears in the shopping cart, you must add the full name of your partner and his ID so that we can add him to the list. Once you arrive at the hotel, you only have to give your name at reception and you will receive your bracelet and room key.

Tickets go on sale on Wednesday, June 1 at 10:30 p.m. Spanish time.

The rules of this event are very simple and logical, but we will still remember them:

  • – Take care of the furniture and respect the rules and facilities of the hotel.
  • – Respect the rest of the attendees at our event as well as the people who are staying at the hotel. 
  • – We have a huge room just for us, respect the rest of the people at night. You can make all the noise you want in the room at night, but when you go out, behave yourself since we are in a public place.
  • – Do not touch or use material that is not yours without permission.

Any infraction, disrespect or problem of this nature will lead to immediate expulsion from the event. We reserve the right to change or add rules at any time.

In order for us to return the money, we ask that it be for an urgent reason and you must notify us at least 3 weeks in advance. Keep in mind that there is a lot of effort and economic expense on our part and we cannot risk losing rooms, since the hotel has its own return policy that we must comply with.

Can I attend the event if I don't stay at the hotel?

No. If you do not buy your ticket through us you will not have your bracelet and you will not be able to enter. In other words, you will need to stay at the hotel (or pay for the room) in order to enter the event.

I'm not interested / I can't come one or more of the days. Can I pay only the other days?

No. The price pack that we have negotiated includes every day. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but in this case you would simply lose one of those days. At the moment, offering different arrival/departure days would put many limitations on the availability of the hotel and its prices.

Can I get a double room for myself?

We recommend that you talk to people from the community or friends so that no one is left without a place, but if you do not feel like sharing and you are willing to pay for the full room, you are free to do so.

I have children and would like to get an additional bed/crib

Contact us privately at @BCNFighters on twitter.

I would like to set up a tournament at the event! I can do it?

Of course, you have complete freedom to set up a tournament in the freeplay area. In fact, we invite you to it.



The Hotel has 2 entrances, the Main entrance from the Paseo Marítimo and the rear entrance which is where the Parking is located.

Address: Hotel Don Angel, Carrer del Pla de la Torre, 14, 08398 Santa Susanna, Barcelona

To arrive by TRAIN

RENFE Line R1 direction Maçanet Massanes or Blanes, stop Santa Susanna.

Si vienes del Aeropuerto de Barcelona el trayecto es: «Aeropuerto – Sants» y después trasbordo hasta «Santa Susanna» (en la linea R1 dirección Maçanet Massanes o Blanes)

El coste de un billete senzillo de tren de ida del Aeropuerto a Santa Susanna es de 5,50€


The beach is 5 minutes away, you just have to go out through the main entrance of the Hotel that overlooks the Paseo Marítimo, and follow the map.



  • Santa Susanna Train Station
  • Parking Hotel Don Angel
  • Carrefour (with space to eat)
  • McDonald’s
  • Burguer King
  • Base Náutica…

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