¡KWK | Calbu gana el 1r Juernes de lucha de DBFZ!

Muchas gracias a todos los participantes de este 1r Juernes de Lucha. Increíble la participación, el seguimiento y en nivel que ha tenido este torneo de DBFZ ¡Muchas felicidades a los ganadores! 1 – @Calbu1993 2 – @GodGenis 3 – @CristianRG_10

Next Showmatch: GBOTS|GenisGod VS ROV|Gamba

The next Showmatch will be played from the Dojo, and will be from DBFZ! From now on we will do face-to-face showmatch on some Sundays. They will be from different games and with players from all over Spain. The first Showmatch will be played @GodGenis VS @GambaTioBo DAY: July 12 TIME: 18: 00CET As always, you can see it on our twitch

You can now register for the free online tournaments in July!

You can now register for the free online tournaments that take place every Thursday at 7:00 p.m. 📝DBFZ - 📝GBVS - 📝MK11 - 📝SFV - As always, you can follow the tournaments on our twitch account

[MK11 Aftermath] Exilions Cage wins the FT10 versus Sh4rinator

And after an exciting FT10… Exilions manages to win the MK11 Aftermath Showmatch 10 to 8! And that means that Sh4rin will have to upload a video on her twitter disguised as a clown. You can see all the Showmatch on our youtube channel:

MKJavierMK wins the MortalShowdown!

@ Javier02218855 is crowned winner of this Mortal Showdown and wins the NACON arcade stick! TOURNEAZO that we have lived through MK11 Aftermath with a level of scandal. Thanks to all the participants and those who have followed the tournament from home. You can see the entire tournament on our YouTube channel:

Mortal Shodown tournament prize (20/06/2020)

The winner of this weekend's Mortal Shodown tournament will take an NACON arcade stick. Come and enjoy MK11 Aftermath this Saturday 20 at 16:00 CET @WBGamesSpain

MK11 Aftermath Invitational Tournament (06/20) - BRACKETS

Coming this Saturday 20, the MK11 Aftermath invitational tournament that will be held from 4pm. The combats will be as follows: MKJavierMK vs Dusty-AngelySaras vs Jaro-Moscamulera vs venom-ABYS vs diestex. As always, follow the tournament on our twitch

LalisaWaifu:3|HiImDusty & Dieestex win the MK11 Aftermath tournament (13-06)

Thank you all for participating in our online MK11 Aftermath tournament! The results were: 1- Dieestex 2- LalisaWaifu: 3 | HiImDusty 3- Toto Congratulations to @dusty_hi & @AlexDieestex who won that place to play the MK11 invitational tournament on Saturday 20. See you next week!


Este jueves 11 a las 16:00, Beat The Papito @Sh4rin_Papito en el canal de @PlayStationES, donde podréis ganar suscripciones de PSN plus si ganáis al PAPINATOR en Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath (PS4). ¡También habrá sorteos!

[SFV CE Tournament] Results & TOP8 (06/06)

Thank you all for participating in our online SFV tournament! Congratulations to the top 3, what a show we have had. These have been the winners: 1 - @Elio_DR 2 - @Rivarsal 3 - @TT_Frozze You can see the TOP8 of the tournament on our youtube channel:

Giants Gaming Esports acquires BCN Fighters

Giants Gaming Esports has acquired BCN Fighters. This movement responds to the objective of providing stability and promoting the project, which already opened last February the Giants Fighters Dojo. This space, of more than 150 square meters dedicated to fighting games, also enters into the acquisition agreement, as well as […]

AngelySaras wins the Aftermath Tournament!

Thank you all for following the MK11 Aftermath Invitational Tournament! This is the classification: 1- AngelySaras 2- Carlos MK Congratulations to my father AngelySaras who has proven to have a great level in MK. Thanks to @WBGamesSpain @NacongamingES @PSPlusES @PlayStationES for trusting us.

Groups - MK11: Aftermath Tournament

Here are the groups with the players that will participate in the MK11: Aftermath tournament. Who do you think will lead each group? Today you will be able to see the tournament from 16:00 on our twitch channel

Winners & TOP8 Naruto 4 Tournament (23/05)

Thank you all for coming to our first Naruto 4 tournament! This is the classification: 1- @__Zabieru 2- @JavieloOrtega 3- @ xXT3SL1NGXx Congratulations to Zabieru for that custom bandana that we will build for you. You can see the TOP 8 on our youtube channel:

MK11: Aftermath Tournament (28/05)

On Thursday May 28th we will celebrate the MK11 Tournament: Aftermath, an invitational MK11 show with many interesting little things for you from the hand of @WBGamesSpain Stay tuned to our social media in the coming days!

Next online tournament, Naruto: Gekitō Ninja Taisen! 4 (May 23)

Want a custom BCN Fighters NINJA bandana? Become Hokage of the hidden coca village in our Naruto GNT4 (Dolphin) tournament next Saturday May 23. The tournament will be limited to residents in Spain / Islands. Sign up NOW! * If you want to know how to play, put! naruto in our twitch chat and […]

Winnters DBFZ Tournament 16/05/2020

Thank you all for joining us on our latest DBFZ online tournament! It was really intense! Thanks to all of you who join the tournament, we hope you had a good time! 1- @shanksfgc 2- @OBAssassin 3- @ Calbu1993 We love to have feedback about what you thought of the casting in English, so don't […]

DBFZ online tournament (May 16) with English commentary

Únete ahora a nuestro próximo torneo DBFZ este sábado 16, ¡toda la UE es bienvenida! Vamos a hacer nuestro primer torneo de DBFZ con comentarios en inglés de la mano de @Sh4rin_Papito y @Aalasthor. El precio para participar son 2 euros que se destinarán a los premios para los 3 mejores Apúntate en Nos […]


¿Quieres aprender los conceptos básicos de Blaz Blue Central Fiction? ¡Sh4rin y Sacred te los cuentan en el siguiente video! Sigue a Sacred en twitter

Killer Instinct winners and full tournament link (05-09-2020)

Thank you all for attending and supporting our first Killer Instinct tournament! The results were as follows: 1 - @XiBassiX 2 -Not Alex 3 - @moderecall It has been an incredible experience that we will certainly repeat again. You can see the entire tournament on our youtube channel:


Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath is here, a content expansion with new storylines, scenarios, stage fatalities, friendships and new characters. Thanks to @WBGamesSpain for trusting us, don't miss all the news on our youtube channel.


Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath is here, a content expansion with new storylines, scenarios, stage fatalities, friendships and new characters. Thanks to @WBGamesSpain for trusting us, don't miss all the news on our youtube channel. Sheeva, Fujin and ... ROBOCOP will join the MK11 roster in the next Kombat pack! […]


Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath is here, a content expansion with new storylines, scenarios, stage fatalities, friendships and new characters. Thanks to @WBGamesSpain for trusting us, don't miss all the news on our youtube channel. Enjoy the teaser:

Results and the entire League of Fighters tournament (May 2)

Duques de Roquetia (@Marcbri) won the League Of Fighters tournament, the 1st LOL for fun tournament between the FGC. GGs to all teams! The results were as follows: You can see the entire tournament on our youtube channel:

[Naruto GNT 4] Basic concepts

Do you want to learn the basics of Naruto GNT 4 for the tournament that we will be doing soon? We explain all the basics of the game in this video on our channel! Follow your ninja path in:

[League of Fighters] Schedule/Brackets and casters of our LOL tournament

Today @noa_pls and @TeshTV will visit us in our LoL invitational tournament to discuss the games with @ Sh4rin_Papito! We leave you the schedules and bracket in this image, do not miss it!

[GBVS] First impressions of the patch

First impressions of patch 1.21 of the GBVS by Sh4rin. What do you think of this patch?

League of Fighters teams roster, the LOL tournament on the 2nd of may

Ready for the League of Fighters? A League of Legends tournament between the FGC! With Shanks, Exilions, Calbu, DevilZeros, Skualoboss, Rivarsal, Dirda and Marcbri as captains of their teams ... but who is part of each team and which lane does each player play? Follow the tournament on May 02 on our twitch channel […]

RANDOM GALLETAS CHALLENGE: Shanks vs Calbu #CrazyGiantsMarathon

You can now see the Random Galletas Challenge on our youtube channel! A showmatch that we enjoyed between Shanks and Calbu at DBFZ. Go watch it!

[GBVS] Lowain Tutorial with @Gambatiobo

Learn how to fight with Lowain! We have uploaded the tutorial by @Gambatiobo where he teaches the most important aspects of Lowain

1st Killer Instinct Tournament!

ULTRAAAAAAAAAAA COMBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. You asked for it and here it is! The first Killer Instinct tournament on our channel next Saturday, May 9 at, don't miss it and sign up at

Commented interview: ADAM KEITS, What is the rollback netcode?

¿Qué es el rollback netcode? ¿Quieres conocer una filosofía de diseño diferente? No te pierdas las entrevistas traducidas al español de Adam «Keits» Heart, uno de los diseñadores de Killer Instinct ¡Visionado obligatorio para los fans del género!


We are excited to announce this collaboration with @GiantsGaming and @Crazy_Flakers! We will have a showmatch this Saturday at 16:00 between the two strongest DBFZ players with a slightly more casual format than usual ... And of course, if a brand of cookies comes to us and this is not commented on @LVPGalletas it would be to kill us … NOT […]

DBFZ Highlight – @CaptainSteaky VS @jotatigris

Did you miss the @CaptainSteaky VS @jotatigris match? Undoubtedly one of the most impressive matches in the DBFZ BCN Battles, our online tournament!

[Killer Instinct] Learn how to play with Fas0ll & Sh4rin

Do you want to learn to play Killer Instinct? All the basics, completely from scratch, taught by Fas0ll and Sh4rin. Don't miss the opportunity and learn to play this great fighting game!

[GBVS] Beelzebub with Calbu

We have uploaded the GBVS tutorial on Beelzebub that we recorded with @Calbu1993. Discover all the secrets of the character with a CHAMPION!

[GBVS] Lancelot with Fas0ll

We have uploaded part from the @FAS0LL stream where he showed some of the most important aspects of Lancelot. Go watch it!

[GBVS] Neutral Game with Sh4rin

We have uploaded a small explanation about the neutral game in GBVS using a game of Ladiva vs Katalina commented by @Sh4rin_Papito. We recommend that you keep an eye on it, especially all newbies!

League of Fighters, our first invitational League of Legends tournament

Welcome to League of Fighters, our first invitational League of Legends tournament! The 8 captains must recruit members of the FGC to fight on Saturday, May 2 and become champions. As always, you can follow the games on our twitch channel.

CROWD BATTLE of Street Fighter 2X

Tomorrow the most FGC retro show is coming with this Crowd Battle among the Street Fighter 2X community, with @Sh4rin_Papito and @BCNFMusashi as guests! Don't even think about missing this evening 😉 Date: Tuesday, April 14 Game: SF2X Hours: 21:30 CET At:

The Dojo closes due to the Coronavirus until further notice.

We closed the Giants Fighters Dojo and all the events that we had prepared, until further notice due to the situation we are experiencing with the Coronavirus. We believe it is the most sensible thing to do. We will proceed to return the registrations or transfer them to the new dates when they are available. You go first, and we believe […]

1st BCN BATTLES with GrandBlue Fantasy Versus: Results

The BCN BATTLES have already started, the face-to-face tournaments held every Saturday at the Giants Fighters Dojo, our venue located in Barcelona. This March 7th we celebrated the GrandBlue Fantasy Versus tournament, with a participation of 29 people and with more than 1300 people who have followed the tournament […]

Saturday 02:30 AM Hokuto no Ken 3v3 with Felipe IV

This Saturday night from 2:30 AM you already have plans, but you didn't know it. Hokuto no Ken 3v3 with your greatgreatgreat... grandfather Felipe IV. Who will endure with him until 10:00 AM? You can't miss this, we're going to die of laughter. TWITCH


Access to the Dream Hack Sevilla tournaments require an Event Pass. With the order number of your pass, you will get the 9-digit number you need to register for the tournaments Tickets: The fight is consolidated in DREAMHACK thanks to ASTRO GAMING and BCN Fighters! The fighting games are in […]

Villajueguito Open - MEGA KDD | 26-27 October 2019

Welcome to the first mega KDD of Barcelona Fighters! The objective of this is to create an event with a more casual tone than a tournament, with the main focus on enjoying different titles and having a good time with us and the community. We will have 12 BCN Fighters positions with different fighting games […]


Come with us to Gamergy this weekend and participate in our activities at stand 14 of Mortal Kombat 11, you can win incredible prizes in Saturday's competition and also in the rest of events! We wait for you from 11:00 AM!

Calendar of activities MK11 Gamergy

This weekend you have an appointment with us at @Gamergy Do not miss our events at the Mortal Kombat 11 booth!

Exclusive poster for the GFL final!

Estos son los 8 clasificados para las finales de la GFL en Barcelona, uno de ellos acudirá al EVO 2019 de la mano de @GiantsGaming. Compra tu entrada aquí  y recibe el póster exclusivo dibujado por el gran @Sampere_art ¡Solamente podrá conseguirse aquí!

We will be in Gamergy with MK11 tournament!

These two months are loaded with video game events and ... we will be riding tournaments in many of them, starting with Gamergy! In Gamergy we will mount a Mortal Kombat 11 tournament on Saturday, June 22. Registration is free paying the amount of admission to the event. You can sign up for Beat and qualify […]

We will be at Dreamhack Valencia 2019 with DBFZ and Tekken 7 tournaments!

Next July 5, 6 and 7, 2019 we will be organizing the Dreamhack Valencia 2019 fighting games section. We will organize DBFZ and Tekken7 tournaments that will be held on Saturday 6. The winner of the Tekken7 tournament will have the opportunity to travel to Dreamhack Atlanta in United States, to participate in the Tekken7 tournament […]


Finally the expected new Mortal Kombat arrived and with it the beginning of the competitions in this title. With just 1 month of life, the response of the FGC, and specifically of the national scene, has been unbeatable. In these few weeks we have begun to see the number of people who have […]

Mortal Jueguito will be part of the Kombat Cup!

The Mortal Kombat 11 online tournament that we will do this Sunday 12 will be part of the Kombat Cup and you can win league points to get a TRIP TO THE EVO 2019. There are already more than 98 participants! Thank you very much to all!

We release Samurai Shodown section on twitch with RockShooter!

From now on every Monday we will have a Samurai Shodown section with Ricardo RockShooter from 6:00 p.m. Do not miss the first casino @RicardoRockShoo already available on our youtube channel and subscribe for all kinds of fighting game content. We explain the secrets of Samurai Shodown before the […]


Two months after the first edition, the emblematic Crush Encounters returned with Tekken 7 and Street Fighter V Arcade Edition tournaments, and this time it was done all the way in luxury facilities such as the Movistar Center of Barcelona in the Plaza Catalunya . The Tekken community, very close and […]

Mortal Jueguito - Our first online MK11 tournament on PC

Welcome to Mortal Jueguito! We launched our first online tournament on PC to be held on Sunday, May 12, 2019. Registration is FREE and there will be material prizes thanks to @GiantsGaming Of course, playing for Wi-Fi is prohibited, remember that MK11 shows if the opponent goes by cable or not . Sign up now!

Versus Dragon Rush 4 - May 25, 2019, Polo Digital (Málaga)

We announce the latest Versus Dragon Rush scoring to enter the second split of the GFL We are waiting for you in Malaga on May 25 at @PoloDigitalMLG! Address: Av de Sor Teresa Prat, 15, 29003 Málaga Register now at 

Results of the 3rd stop of the Versus Dragon Rush

WINNERS OF THE 3rd STOP OF #VersusDragonRush: 1st PRIZE - VGIA | Shanks @shanksfgc 2nd PRIZE - REXPECT | Calbu 3rd PRIZE - CristianRG This edition has been impressive. A lot of excitement in heart attacks. As always we thank you ALL, for having attended, supported and followed this Versus Dragon Rush. We […]

The Tekken 7 tournament of Crush Encounters will be part of TWT2019 as Dojo

Yesterday we announced a new Crush Encounters at the Movistar Center and today we can announce that the Tekken7 tournament will be part of the TWT2019 as Dojo. You can register now at

¡Crush Encounters vuelve a Barcelona con Tekken 7 y SFV AE el 27 de abril!

Crush Encounters vuelve a Barcelona con Tekken 7 y SFV, esta vez en el Movistar Centre de Barcelona ¡Te esperamos el próximo 27 de Abril 2019! Inscripciones abiertas: 

Date and place 3rd stop Versus Dragon Rush!

We announce the next stop of the Versus Dragon Rush, we repeat in Barcelona, at the Movistar Center, on April 13, 2019. We are waiting for you in the biggest DBFZ competition in Spain with more than 500 euros in pricepool! Do not miss it! OPEN ENROLLMENT:

Results of the 2nd stop of the Versus Dragon Rush

WINNERS OF THE 2nd STOP OF #VersusDragonRush: 1st PRIZE - VGIA | Shanks @shanksfgc 2nd PRIZE - KWK | Thunder @tcthundertc 3rd PRIZE - Rexpect | Calbu @ Calbu1993 This stop has been the one that has had the most participants to date and we have been trending topical on twitter in the morning so we […]

News 2nd stop Versus Dragon Rush - Pools and Prizes

We have completed the 128 signed up in our first Versus Dragon Rush Season 2 in Barcelona more than a week away. We would never have imagined this growth in just 6 months of life. Because of this, we have seen it necessary to modify the way we do the pools. In this edition your pool will have schedule. Yes […]

The Giants Fighters League (GFL) arrives

The Giants Fighters League (GFL) is an invitational league of Dragon Ball FighterZ of face format played in the Elite Gaming Center of Barcelona, in which 16 of the best players in Spain will fight to reach a final stage where they will compete for the title of league champion. The first season will end at […]

Versus Dragon Rush is born!

We join forces with @Versusgamers and the Dragon Rush Versus are born! Thanks to this collaboration we will improve the conditions of the Dragon Rush and we will be able to move through more places on the peninsula. Welcome these new fighters! Sign up at

[DBFZ] GOKU BLUE with Tigris - Character Guide

Character guide of the DBFZ, Goku Blue or Goku Blue, by Tigris. Follow Tigris on their networks: Twitter - @jotatigrisTwitch - Subscribe to our YouTube channel and our Twitch channel to watch our live broadcasts!

[DBFZ] What is a fuzzy?

We analyze and explain what a fuzzy is in Dragon Ball Fighter Z. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and our Twitch channel to see our live broadcasts!

[DBFZ] BROLY - Basic Guide

We tell you all the secrets of Broly and the bases to play it effectively. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and our Twitch channel to see our live broadcasts!

[Tekken 7] FT10 Showmatch – Defuse | Tibetano VS Caiper

Showmatch among one of the best Tekken players in Spain, with a very close result. ENJOY! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and our Twitch channel to see our live broadcasts!

The meta evolution of the DBFZ

We review the evolution of the DBFZ goal in its first year of life before the release of the second season patch. Subscribe on our YouTube channel and on our Twitch channel to see our live broadcasts!

[DBFZ] VIDEL - First impressions

Videl arrives at DBFZ with a fast fighting style, unique mechanics and Gohan's assistance in the form of a projectile and against. A character for those who want to dedicate time and discover all its depth. Subscribe on our YouTube channel and on our Twitch channel to see our live broadcasts!

[DBFZ] JIREN - First impressions

We test Jiren for the first time after his departure, let's see what the alien cumbion is capable of. Subscribe on our YouTube channel and on our Twitch channel to see our live broadcasts!

Open Crush Encounters registrations of February 23, 2019!

Registration is now open for the Crush Encounters on February 23, 2019. Come and give you a ring at Tekken 7 and Street Fighter V Arcade Edition at the Can Palots Theater in Canovelles (Barcelona), starting at 10:30 CET. Sign up here 

Schedules 1st stop Dragon Rush, # RGS2019 (February 2 and 3, 2019)

These are the schedules of the 1st stop of this second season of the Dragon Rush Tour to be held at Roquetas Gaming Show 2019 in Roquetas de Mar, Almería, on February 2 and 3, 2019. As always you can follow the games live on our channel from Follow the tournament brackets on […]

[Mortal Kombat 11] Basic mechanics with Fasoll

We review the basic mechanics of Mortal Kombat 11 with Fasoll, top European player and expert in the saga. Subscribe on our YouTube channel and on our Twitch channel to see our live broadcasts!

1st stop Dragon Rush S2 at Roquetas Gaming Show (February 2 and 3, 2019)

The 1st stop of the second season of the Dragon Rush Tour will be held on February 2 and 3, 2019 at the Roquetas Gaming Show, in Almeria! The second season of the Dragon Rush Tour will be a DBFZ tour of several places in Spain. We believe it will be a great opportunity to strengthen the community […]

[DBFZ] Verdane vs. Pakka Analysis - Stream 12/20/2018

Do you want to know how to use Verdane vs Pakka in DBFZ to get the most out of it? Sh4rin teaches you in the following tutorial: Subscribe to our YouTube channel and our Twitch channel to watch our live broadcasts!

[DBFZ] Vegeta Blue Tutorial - ft. C0ld

Do you want to know how to use Vegeta Blue in DBFZ to get the most out of it? Overload | c0ld teaches you in the following tutorial: Subscribe to our YouTube channel and our Twitch channel to watch our live broadcasts!

[DBFZ] How to form your team - Concepts and examples.

How do you assemble a good team in DBFZ? Is the equipment you like viable? Do you want a top tier team and stop being a putty? WE GOT YOU Daddy Sh4rin how to form your team: Subscribe to our YouTube channel and our Twitch channel to see our live broadcasts!

Fighting Area of DreamHack Sevilla 2018

On December 14, 15 and 16 in Fibes, the DreamHack Sevilla will be held where we will participate in the Festival's Expo Zone, organizing tournaments of the 3 most popular fighting titles currently in its Fighting Area: Tekken 7, Dragon Ball FighterZ and Street Fighter V Arcade Edition. You need to purchase a specific ticket […]

Fighting Unlimited Alliance 2018 (Mollerussa Lan Party)

The Fighting Unlimited Allince 2018 is an event dedicated to the Fighting Games within the Mollerussa Lan Party, in which we will be collaborating and will have 5 tournaments. Friday 09/11 - 18h (The registration fee will be voluntary.) To warm up AECC charity tournaments for the fight against cancer. The […]

[DBFZ] What is the neutral game?

New tutorial about Dragon Ball Fighter Z on our YouTube channel! Daddy Sh4rin shows you what the neutral game is: Subscribe to our YouTube channel and our Twitch channel to watch our live broadcasts!

Galletas playing with cows (SNK Heroines)

New video on our YouTube channel! Take a peek! Galletas playing with cows (SNK Heroines): Subscribe to our YouTube channel and our Twitch channel to watch our live broadcasts!

We have opened a DISCORD channel

Discord is being one of the most used free channels to chat and talk between gamers. In BCN Fighters we did not want to miss the opportunity to open a channel so that all the fighters that follow us can contact each other to vitiate. For those who do not know the application here we leave you a little […]

BCN Fighters on Catalunya Radio

Today. 10/11/2018, at 6:00 p.m. Musashi and Sh4arin will be at Catalunya Radio talking about everything we do with Barcelona Fighters and future projects. You can listen to it live through its website or on Saturday 13/10/2018 on the FM at 00: 00h We want to thank Catalunya Radio in advance for inviting us and […]

[DBFZ] Option select defensive - Anti Vanish 50/50

DBFZ tutorial by Fas0ll! Learn Defensive Option select and Anti Vanish 50/50 in Dragon Ball Fighter Z: Follow us on our YouTube channel to keep up to date with our tutorials!

Our future. Dragon Rush 5 Aftermovie

The Aftermovie of the Dragon Rush 5 is now available on our YouTube channel! We hope you like this event aftermovie and that all the fighters and viewers who accompanied us in this edition will enjoy the tournament as much as we do. Give play! The Dragon Rush 5 held at the Movistar Center […]

An historic Dragon Rush

El Dragon Rush 5 ha sido un torneo histórico en todos los sentidos posibles. Desde un inicio se mascaba ya en el ambiente un torneo muy especial, pues se batía récord de inscritos y público llenando el aforo del Movistar Centre de Barcelona. Alasthor y Sh4rin viendo nerfs al BardockLo que pocos imaginaban es que en esta entrega […]

Barcelona Fighters is already a reality

We can finally announce it! Barcelona Fighters is the union between Villajueguito and Arkham team, where both parties will work together to offer tournament organization, content, stream services, and try to take fighting games to another level on the national scene. With this merger we hope to achieve more quality in both initiatives, thus […]

The Dragon Rush 5 exceeds 100 attendees

Dragon Rush 5 exceeds 100 attendees, thus becoming the tournament with the largest number of participants to date in our country. This tournament will be the first competition under the Barcelona Fighters brand, and will be held on September 29 at the Movistar Center in Barcelona. This edition will feature more […]