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Villajueguito Open - MEGA KDD | 26-27 October 2019

Welcome to the first mega KDD of Barcelona Fighters! The objective of this is to create an event with a more casual tone than a tournament, with the main focus on enjoying different titles and having a good time with us and the community. We will have 12 BCN Fighters positions with different fighting games […]


Finally the expected new Mortal Kombat arrived and with it the beginning of the competitions in this title. With just 1 month of life, the response of the FGC, and specifically of the national scene, has been unbeatable. In these few weeks we have begun to see the number of people who have […]

Mortal Jueguito will be part of the Kombat Cup!

The Mortal Kombat 11 online tournament that we will do this Sunday 12 will be part of the Kombat Cup and you can win league points to get a TRIP TO THE EVO 2019. There are already more than 98 participants! Thank you very much to all!

We release Samurai Shodown section on twitch with RockShooter!

From now on every Monday we will have a Samurai Shodown section with Ricardo RockShooter from 6:00 p.m. Do not miss the first casino @RicardoRockShoo already available on our youtube channel and subscribe for all kinds of fighting game content. We explain the secrets of Samurai Shodown before the […]

Mortal Jueguito - Our first online MK11 tournament on PC

Welcome to Mortal Jueguito! We launched our first online tournament on PC to be held on Sunday, May 12, 2019. Registration is FREE and there will be material prizes thanks to @GiantsGaming Of course, playing for Wi-Fi is prohibited, remember that MK11 shows if the opponent goes by cable or not . Sign up now!

[Tekken 7] FT10 Showmatch – Defuse | Tibetano VS Caiper

Showmatch among one of the best Tekken players in Spain, with a very close result. ENJOY! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and our Twitch channel to see our live broadcasts!