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Interview with the creators of Fightcade (spanish)

Interview with the creators of Fightcade that we did in the Villajueguito Talkshow. Fightcade is a free retro game matchmaking platform that includes different emulators for smooth online play. For more information: To collaborate:

Villajueguito Open - MEGA KDD | 26-27 October 2019

Welcome to the first mega KDD of Barcelona Fighters! The objective of this is to create an event with a more casual tone than a tournament, with the main focus on enjoying different titles and having a good time with us and the community. We will have 12 BCN Fighters positions with different fighting games […]


Finally the expected new Mortal Kombat arrived and with it the beginning of the competitions in this title. With just 1 month of life, the response of the FGC, and specifically of the national scene, has been unbeatable. In these few weeks we have begun to see the number of people who have […]