. Vegapito likes sardine pizza, the color purple and carrying a doll that is sold with everything (except if you space it perfectly, of course). Good friend and best person, except if there are 2,500 euros at stake. He used to hit his leg but the doctors gave him 1 month to live if he continued to beat himself up. Eyyy.

Tarks doesn't shy away from telling you what he thinks about the way you play (and live). He wanted Cody in the game, but for someone else to play him. Professional "betington" player since 1942. He has no social distancing problems with COVID because he never shook hands anyway.

«I have come here to talk about my dice». Rockshooter knows the whole theory of the game, but then he just wants to reduce it to constant guessing. He asked for Alex but at least he plays it. He has a twin brother named Twisted, but we don't know who the bad twin is.

Very good you have to be at this to play Nash and not have thrown yourself out the window. And look, with the arms of Alex Sieg, you may beat him in the corner but in real life your he breaks you. Keep waiting for a 3 frame hit, poor devil. If you've played ranked, you've come across him.

We could say that Apopaino is young, but we could also tell how he gets up. His Ken likes to run more than Usain Bolt, and if he's playing this, it's because Samsho has no players. And he still beats you... He does not use narcotics.

Frozze he plays everything. He competed in League of Legends, gets dusty at POE and now makes a living as a soldier of fortune playing SFV.

Constant jump… Hit trigger… The fiefdom. It is an honor to have Kasparov in the league. Achampou defines himself as Mr. Clean and Daigo's disciple (who does not see his videos). Isn't anyone going to play an honest char in this league?

«See that one taunt Daigo? It's me, let me tell you how I got here.». Rivarsal you don't hold up to get the best waifu. She made top 64 in the EVO and lives off the rents since that day. If you walk into a tournament and there's someone in the audience yelling, he's your man.

*P.G= Partidas Ganadas, P.P= Partidas Perdidas, ✅ = Playoff

Who are the captains?
The eight captains are some of the best Spanish Street Fighter players in our country:

Vegapatch, Alex Sieg, Tarks, Frozze, Achampou, Apopaino, Rivarsal & Rockshooter.

How are teams formed?
The captains will be part of a draft that will be carried out live on the BCN Fighters channel, where they will choose the two members of their team in order of random seeding. However, whoever selects their Silver player first will then choose the Bronze player last.

El Draft will be the October 20th at 20:00CET.

The league is played every Tuesday at 20:00CET and every week three matches will be played, therefore there are two teams that always rest. The last day is the only exception to this rule.

The matches are FT2 and the format will always be the same: The game begins with the Bronze duel of each of the teams.

The point system is as follows:

Win a match VS a player of the same tier or lower -1 point

Win a match VS a higher tier player - 2 points

Winning a match VS a superior two tiers player - 4 points

Calendar and schedule
Los playoffs de la liga se jugarán a las 20:00CET pero empezaremos a las 19:00CET con el preshow en nuestro twitch


– Si se cae en mitad de una partida, se repite la partida respetando las rondas. La barra de super, sintiéndolo mucho no se podrá reproducir por que es imposible e impreciso. Esperemos que no haya problema entre games.

– Si hay empates, esta es la manera de solucionarlo – puntos > rondas > enfrentamiento directo.

– Playoffs:

Tercero y cuarto puesto juegan
El segundo juega contra el ganador de la anterior
El ganador de esa segunda partida, se enfrenta al equipo con seed 1

El formato es el mismo de la liga, pero esta vez simplemente a rey de la pista.

Suerte a todos esta noche, caballeros. Que gane el peor.

You can see all the matches in the league on our YouTube playlist: