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The Dragon Rush, held in 2018 at the Movistar Center in Barcelona, broke all records by welcoming more than 200 people and exceeding 2600 spectators on stream, now, in 2019 we step forward and take our tournaments throughout the Spanish territory. Participate, compete, meet people with your same hobby and join the fight. Be part of the future and sign up for the next Versus Dragon Rush!


Versus Dragon Rush Tour [Season 2]
Dragon Rush Tour [Season 1]

Latest VS Dragon Rush news:

Versus Dragon Rush 4 - May 25, 2019, Polo Digital (Málaga)

We announce the latest Versus Dragon Rush scoring to enter the second split of the GFL We are waiting for you in Malaga on May 25 at @PoloDigitalMLG! Address: Av de Sor Teresa Prat, 15, 29003 Málaga Register now at http://smash.gg/versusdr4 

Results of the 3rd stop of the Versus Dragon Rush

WINNERS OF THE 3rd STOP OF #VersusDragonRush: 1st PRIZE - VGIA | Shanks @shanksfgc 2nd PRIZE - REXPECT | Calbu 3rd PRIZE - CristianRG This edition has been impressive. A lot of excitement in heart attacks. As always we thank you ALL, for having attended, supported and followed this Versus Dragon Rush. We […]

Date and place 3rd stop Versus Dragon Rush!

We announce the next stop of the Versus Dragon Rush, we repeat in Barcelona, at the Movistar Center, on April 13, 2019. We are waiting for you in the biggest DBFZ competition in Spain with more than 500 euros in pricepool! Do not miss it! OPEN ENROLLMENT: https://smash.gg/versusdr3

Results of the 2nd stop of the Versus Dragon Rush

WINNERS OF THE 2nd STOP OF #VersusDragonRush: 1st PRIZE - VGIA | Shanks @shanksfgc 2nd PRIZE - KWK | Thunder @tcthundertc 3rd PRIZE - Rexpect | Calbu @ Calbu1993 This stop has been the one that has had the most participants to date and we have been trending topical on twitter in the morning so we […]

News 2nd stop Versus Dragon Rush - Pools and Prizes

We have completed the 128 signed up in our first Versus Dragon Rush Season 2 in Barcelona more than a week away. We would never have imagined this growth in just 6 months of life. Because of this, we have seen it necessary to modify the way we do the pools. In this edition your pool will have schedule. Yes […]

Versus Dragon Rush is born!

We join forces with @Versusgamers and the Dragon Rush Versus are born! Thanks to this collaboration we will improve the conditions of the Dragon Rush and we will be able to move through more places on the peninsula. Welcome these new fighters! Sign up at http://smash.gg/drs2-2

Schedules 1st stop Dragon Rush, # RGS2019 (February 2 and 3, 2019)

These are the schedules of the 1st stop of this second season of the Dragon Rush Tour to be held at Roquetas Gaming Show 2019 in Roquetas de Mar, Almería, on February 2 and 3, 2019. As always you can follow the games live on our channel from Twitch.tv Follow the tournament brackets on […]

1st stop Dragon Rush S2 at Roquetas Gaming Show (February 2 and 3, 2019)

The 1st stop of the second season of the Dragon Rush Tour will be held on February 2 and 3, 2019 at the Roquetas Gaming Show, in Almeria! The second season of the Dragon Rush Tour will be a DBFZ tour of several places in Spain. We believe it will be a great opportunity to strengthen the community […]

Our future. Dragon Rush 5 Aftermovie

The Aftermovie of the Dragon Rush 5 is now available on our YouTube channel! We hope you like this event aftermovie and that all the fighters and viewers who accompanied us in this edition will enjoy the tournament as much as we do. Give play! The Dragon Rush 5 held at the Movistar Center […]

An historic Dragon Rush

El Dragon Rush 5 ha sido un torneo histórico en todos los sentidos posibles. Desde un inicio se mascaba ya en el ambiente un torneo muy especial, pues se batía récord de inscritos y público llenando el aforo del Movistar Centre de Barcelona. Alasthor y Sh4rin viendo nerfs al BardockLo que pocos imaginaban es que en esta entrega […]

The Dragon Rush 5 exceeds 100 attendees

Dragon Rush 5 exceeds 100 attendees, thus becoming the tournament with the largest number of participants to date in our country. This tournament will be the first competition under the Barcelona Fighters brand, and will be held on September 29 at the Movistar Center in Barcelona. This edition will feature more […]