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An historic Dragon Rush

The Dragon Rush 5 has been a historic tournament in every possible way. From the beginning a very special tournament was already chewed in the environment, because it was beating record of registered and public filling the capacity of Movistar Centre in Barcelona.

Alasthor and Sh4rin watching nerfs at the Bardock What few imagined is that in this installment of the tour there would be a beginning (or end) for several stories that have been forged in recent months in the fighting game community in Spain.

Cold gets the dragon ball

The Murcia player of Overload was coming with a top 8 in the ADFT, and although it had been a while since attended a face-to-face tournament was one of the clear candidates to make a good position in this competition. As he himself stated, anything that was not to get the ball would be a disappointment, and with its caracteristic equip of Blue Vegeta, Kid buu & Goku Base not only won the trophy but also won the affection of the spectators.

Acho, dame esa bola

Acho, give me that ball

Despite falling against Cristian RG twice, he showed that without the need to play tournaments as usual and with a strict training regime is possible on the podium with enough hard work. Now he only has one goal in the DR December: the first position. And with Gotenks.

Nothing is guaranteed

It is no secret that the average level of DBFZ in Spain has not stopped rising in recent months, but this Dragon Rush He has made it clear that anyone can be a threat and nobody can relax.

Several players gave the bell in this tournament. MF, Valencia player, ended with the tournament of VGIA Fasoll before top 16. Astarhel fell at the hands of Inu7Juanmanova shattered the losers bracket and it was planted in top 8. Galletas was defeated in the first round by the newcomer Berserk.

Fasoll vs MF en losers bracket

Another of the great surprises of the event was the entourage of Vortex, which offered incredible fighting and showed us that Dullrafus is a name to take into account for the future.

There is nothing guaranteed anymore and it is a matter of time before new players begin to defeat the more settled if they fall asleep on the laurels. No matter what your name is, it's your turn to train.

The return of the King

If you are reading this article you probably already know the history of el masilla match and its outcome. Although the king of putties had to fulfill his promise and wear the royal suit in front of all his vassals, the story had not come to an end.

Walk of shame with El villano

The capricious destiny wanted el masilla match back to be held in the losers bracket, where this time Gonzip managed to eliminate Saku in a tight 2-1 that you redeem of his defeat in the FT10. For now the good ones win... But the villains always come back.

Consolidated feuds

Gamba reached the final without losing any set and defeating Cristian RG in the winners final for the first time in his career. Being already one of the favorites for the tournament it seems impossible to make a top 5 players without their name coming to light. He already had a 4-star ball but this boy is clear about his next goal, to be the first Shanks.

Gamba the happy one

Another surprise of the tournament was VGIA Sh4rin, which was planted in fourth position leaving the ropes against several of the favorites along the way and a few failures to get the dragon ball. No doubt the experience is a degree, and although he could not control the tension in the most important moments it is clear that old dogs still bite. And of course, a Cristian Rg who is still intractable and has not yet come down from third place in any Dragon Rush. The fief remains in shape.

Definitely a Dragon Rush full of stories, surprises, but above all a more united community than ever. We will see who writes the next page of the book in the October delivery.

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